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We provide training in PHP, JAVA, Web Designing and Web Development to BCA, MCA, Diploma/B.Tech in CSE students



    6 Months IT Industrial Training in Solan

    RoyalLogics Services Pvt. Ltd provides the best industrial training in Himachal. 6 Months/ 6 Weeks/ 3 Months of industrial training in Solan and we also have an office in the Chandigarh region. We offer training for Computer/IT students (Best IT Company in Solan) to make them ready for the IT Industry. Another training covers the complete syllabus of your course and a major project. So you have a better understanding of how projects are actually developed. Another how the project goes through phases of SDLC during development :

    – Requirement Analysis
    – Flow charts and Algorithms
    – UI Design
    – Database Management
    – Coding and implementation
    – Testing
    – Deployment and Maintenance

    Best Industrial Training in Solan

    Also, You will learn to build Web sites, Mobile applications using android/iOS, and Desktop applications using Java. After the requirements and design activity is completed. The next phase of the Software Development Life Cycle is the implementation or development of the software. So In this phase, you will start coding according to the requirements and the design discussed in previous phases. So then you will create the necessary data in the database, front-end developers. Another Create the necessary interfaces and GUI to interact with the back-end all based on guidelines and procedures defined by the trainer. Also, You will also write unit tests for each component to test the new code that they have written. Review each other’s code, create builds and deploy software to an environment.

    This cycle of development is repeated until the requirements are met. Most noteworthy testing is the last phase of the Software Development Life Cycle before the software is delivered to customers. During testing, we start to test the system against the requirements. Most of our aim is to find defects within the system as well as verify whether the application behaves as expected and according to what was documented in the requirements analysis phase. So Once the software has been fully tested and no high-priority issues remain in the software. Hence It is time to deploy to production where customers can use the system.

    Industrial Training in Chandigarh

    RoyalLogics Provides the best industrial training in Chandigarh, With the live project, 100% practical training, and certificate courses in Chandigarh. RoyalLogics Services Private Limited, Chandigarh offers 6 Months, 3 Months, and 6 weeks of Industrial training for school students, college students, BCA, MCA, Diploma,, and also working professionals. and other graduate students. Our Six weeks of industrial training in various courses offer a wide variety of services to match your Research Project needs.

    – Website Designing
    – Website Development
    – Mobile App Development
    – E-Commerce Solutions
    – CRM Development
    – Logo, Banner Designing
    – Adobe Photoshop
    – Internship and Training
    – SEO (Search Engine Optimizations)
    – SMM ( Social Media Marketing)

    The team members at RoyalLogics upgrade their skill set from time–to–time in various advanced technology domains to cater to the Industry requirements. Six months of industrial training is the turning point for every student who has undergone BCA, MCA, Diploma,, and also working professionals courses. In this age of the computer, it is nearly impossible to get a JOB with just a degree or diploma. One must have deep knowledge of at least one of the relevant technologies that lie under networking, programming, internet technologies, accounting software, etc… As this is a matter of a student’s career therefore only a professional trainer who has good industrial knowledge can train the students well with the core concepts of technology as per the industry’s manpower requirements.

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