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PHP and MySql Training Course in Solan:-

RoyalLogics Services Pvt. Ltd. offers a diversity of training programs to computer students and college students, and also working professionals. Eligibility for training:- diploma or degree, polytech, BCA, MCA… Final year project development, major project help. We provide the best industrial training in PHP in Solan. PHP Courses in Solan – PHP: machine-readable text Preprocessor may be a server-side scripting language designed for net development, however conjointly used as a general programing language. It absolutely was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, the PHP reference implementation is currently created by The PHP cluster. PHP originally stood for private Home Page, however, it currently stands for the Machine-Readable Text Preprocessor. The PHP code is also embedded into hypertext markup language code, or it is employed in combination with numerous net model systems, online page management systems, and net frameworks.

PHP Best 6 Months Industrial Training in Solan | Chandigarh

  • We Provide best PHP and Mysql training in Solan
  • Our PHP and Mysql training course in Solan is based on Practical Live Projects training
  • We provide job assurance guarantee in our PHP Training in Solan.

PHP Basics Training in Solan:-

  • Introduction To HTML and CSS
  • PHP Syntax and Tags
  • PHP Variables and Constants
  • Conditional Statements(if and switch)
  • Loops(while, for, do while, for each)
  • Arrays
  • PHP Forms
  • Working with Strings

Advance PHP Training in Solan:-

  • Object-Oriented Concepts in PHP
  • Static Methods and Interfaces
  • Inheritance
  • Reading and writing data with PHP
  • Database/Mysql
  • File Handling with PHP
  • Project development using PHP with Mysql
  • Development and Deployment using PHP on Live Project

Duration of PHP and Mysql Training Course in Solan:

  • 6 Weeks Core PHP and Mysql training in Solan
  • 45 days Core PHP and Mysql training Course in Solan
  • 6 Months Core PHP and Mysql Training Course in Solan


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